Kids can get emotional too, Dad, you need to be aware of these!

Children grow at different stages, and in each stage will make them change their behavior and mood. After all, not everything our little ones do counts as a developmental stage. Some of your child’s bad behaviors may indicate that they have emotional problems. As a result, parents should take note of the common signs we can convey to these children to help them properly.

Emotions change over time
All of us can feel the change. Even adult women may find it difficult to adjust to menstrual periods. However, the case of our child or toddler if the mood changes for up to two weeks and is consistent with this may indicate that the child may be mentally ill.

  1. Strong changes in attitude
    Being very stubborn, or being very anti-mom, can also be a sign that a child has emotional problems. The fact that our child wants to hit or hurt or hurt an animal is also an emergency sign that Mommy needs to talk to a psychiatrist immediately.
  2. Physical changes
    This is an easy note. Weight loss or rapid weight gain may not be the result of an older child getting older, but can be emotionally traumatic. Weight loss may be caused by poor digestive system in children with depression or anxiety or in addition weight gain can make children feel lazy and frustrated with their lives and have Tea to fill their stomachs. In addition, extreme physical changes may also be associated with drug and alcohol use. If we are parents with a history of drug or alcohol abuse, our children will also be more likely to develop habits.
  3. Failure to concentrate
    Most kids do something intense and only pay attention. After all, if your child is too busy to pay attention, you may suffer from a behavioral crisis. This happens when a child’s mind is full of fear, guilt, shame, and death. This phase is especially dangerous for children because they may find suicide as their last resort. You can notice these signs by looking at your child’s daily behavior or learning outcomes.
  4. Fear and anxiety
    Children are always susceptible to pain. Kids can easily become scared, even with jokes, or nervous with the pre-bedtime tales that Mommy tells them to listen to. At the same time, when the child shows the same symptoms and is very worried and scared or shocked, we have to worry. Through this condition, the child may become anxious about the work at school or the contempt of school at which these reactions allow us to draw conclusions about what makes him or her so abusive.

Now, with the rise of technology, drugs, weapons, and self-destruction or mass murder, it may be that kids who don’t think critically choose these methods, thinking it can free them from trouble. Those pains. So we as parents should do everything we can before our children can do something remorseful for life.

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