The enchantment cure the onions that you never envisioned!

Onions and garlic in a similar group of Allium, which is rich in sulfur.

As indicated by a late study reported that onions contain quercetin and bioflavonoid cancer prevention agent and give advantages, for example, the accompanying:

1. Treat fever: Simply cut onions tablets and onion cuts at the base of his foot on both sides painted with coconut. At that point utilize a gauze onion cuts adhere to the soles and socks overnight to remove poisons and banthoyokamdow.

2. Reduce mid-section blockage: Simply cut onions into little pieces and steamed around 2 to 3 minutes, then evacuate the onions, put a spotless cotton towel little. You have to run a cotton towel, and utilize an elastic or whatever to tie it so creates the impression that little onion cuts out. Ought to be utilized when it is a part of hot temperatures with ice to the mid-section or around the throat. Abandon it around 15 minutes to clean this can make you hack as could be expected under the circumstances.

3. Prevent respiratory contaminations: You can blend onion squeeze and nectar in equivalent sums and take 3 or 4 teaspoons a day, it will help the bodily fluid or vile bodily fluid and diminish. All things considered, it is one that ensures you against influenza.

4. Calm ear hurts and diseases: for an ear infection or ear contamination only a little cut onion cuts into thin socks and put it over your ear agony or contamination. Abandon it until the agony dies down.

5. Unsteadiness and heaving: You ought to crush a bit of onion into the water and planted mint bundle and let cool. To start with, you have to drink 2 teaspoons onion and hold up 5 minutes before tea mint 2 teaspoons tea. Rehearse like this once more, you will quit regurgitating and dazedness side effects will vanish following 15 minutes.

6. Treat harmed: onion skins can control blood levels and it likewise serves as clean for wound, antivirus and can battle contamination.

7. Advances hair: the significance of the onion like protein treatment for male pattern baldness that execution itself, as per logical studies that have appeared. In this you simply put onion squeeze and drink it, it will control your male pattern baldness and different issues identified with hair, for example, scabies and parasitic diseases.

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